10 Outstandingly Beautiful Cinematic Single Frames

Frame-worthy frames with stock-still cinematography that'll knock your socks off.

Warner Bros.

In cinematography, light is key, colour is crucial, framing is everything and, as with most art, beauty is not only the desirable end product, but often the primary goal.

After all, the best cinematography really ought to be like a piece of fine art - frame-able and ready for repeat viewing and scrutiny, revealing new layers with every look. Some shots thrive on symmetry, others on clever framing, others still on heightened contrast and abyssal depth.

There is a ginormous toolkit to draw on in the film industry: CGI, practical effects, camera trickery, set design, costumes, props, locations, lighting and, of course, the actors themselves.

But, whether the frame is a vehicle for the film's themes, the characters' emotions, or simply just a nice thing to look at, there is a certain magic in every cell that has the power to stun and break the mould, escaping the limits of painting, graphic design or photography.

Masters of mise-en-scène are these directors and cinematographers, using every resource at their disposal to bring us aesthetically sublime films and (at least) ten outstandingly beautiful cinematic single frames.

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