10 Overlooked Positives Of The Matrix Revolutions

Criminally underrated.

The Matrix Revolutions Agent Smith Neo
Warner Bros.

The Matrix Revolutions is essentially the black sheep of the Wachowskis' unforgettable franchise, scoring by far the worst reviews of the four movies (including The Animatrix), and posting disappointing results at the box office, grossing slightly less than the first movie.

Indeed, there are certainly things to take umbrage with: it doesn't resolve a number of the previous movie's plot threads satisfactorily (namely how Neo's powers now manifest in Zion), killing Trinity again after rescuing her in Reloaded feels cheap, Morpheus doesn't really do enough, and Neo's ambiguous fate in particular left a lot of fans feeling pretty salty.

All that said, Revolutions isn't the horrendous threequel many will lead you to believe. Almost 15 years removed from its release and the accompanying hype and fanboy baggage, it's a damn good time to revisit the movie and see for yourself that it's actually a solid follow-up with a lot to offer open-minded fans who can look past its clear flaws.

10. Hugo Weaving Goes Full Ham

The Matrix Revolutions Hugo Weaving
Warner Bros.

Hugo Weaving's performance as Agent Smith is easily one of the most iconic and unforgettable aspects of the Matrix saga.

With Smith duplicating himself throughout the Matrix in Revolutions, the Wachowskis truly let Weaving off the leash and allowed him to camp it up for the cheap seats.

Some of his more memorable moments include calling the Oracle "mom", that maniacal laugh after he assimilates her, and of course, his various scenery-chewing speeches and one-liners in the final battle, perhaps most amusingly, "This is my world! My world!"

Say what you will about the movie, but god damn if Weaving doesn't knock it out of the park with a hammy turn for the ages.


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