10 People Brave Enough To Accept Their Razzie Awards

Academy Awards acceptance speeches are never this hilarious.

It's fair to say that, generally speaking, if you tell someone they're awful at something they're not going to take it well. No one likes to be criticised and when that criticism comes in a public forum, people can sometimes spit their dummies out in annoyance. For the most part, this is true of Hollywood luminaries who have been awarded a Razzie. The Golden Raspberry Awards is, after all, all about recognising the very worst that Hollywood has to offer, whether it's terrible performances, incoherent screenplays or godawful direction. Even truly great people have found themselves under the unwanted spotlight of the Razzies - while nominations and wins for actors like Adam Sandler and Paris Hilton are to be expected, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Laurence Olivier have all been given awards, while directors such as Gus Van Sant and Michael Cimono have been dishonoured with Worst Director trophies. Rarely do any of the Razzie recipients acknowledge their awards - even rarer do they collect them with a modicum of dignity or a huge dose of humour. But there are exceptions - the following list covers ten people brave enough to collect their Razzies, bringing to the table some of the most entertaining acceptance speeches you're ever likely to see.

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