10 Perfect Movies That You've Never Heard Of

Not every great movie manages to find mainstream success.

Happiness 1998
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Although new titles seem to be put up daily onto our favourite streaming services, we’ve all been victim to the endless scroll more than once in our lives.

Now that movies are so much more accessible than ever before, we’ve all been overwhelmed with choices to the point of numbness.

Like children with too many toys, we’re stuck staring at the screen desperate for entertainment yet unable to find anything new. But we need not spend our days waiting for the next Marvel movie to be released, or count down the years until Toy Story 5. There are perfectly good movies just waiting to be discovered. And I mean perfect.

These movies, for one reason or another, have entered our world only to be swept under the carpet, overshadowed by the next big blockbuster or Disney cash grab. But don’t let that deter you, as these films should be up there with the greats of the medium.

So grab some popcorn and your favourite underrated snack, put on your comfiest onesie and settle in for a movie experience you will not regret.

11. Speak - 2004

Happiness 1998
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The movie is probably the most underappreciated Kristen Stewart movie of all time (and yes I'm including Twilight).

If you have doubts about Kristen Stewart as an actress (and you really shouldn't in 2021), this is the movie you need to watch. Stewart plays a young girl named Melinda who, you guessed it, doesn't really speak. It's not immediately apparent why she has chosen not to talk, but you're instantly aware that something must of happened. Melinda is seen as an outcast, something that seems to have come about before she chose to take a vow of silence.

But the beautiful thing about this movie is that as more of the past is revealed the more you realise that her silence is not a choice. Among with everything else in her life. She can't speak, because she cannot face the trauma she experienced.

The acting in the movie is phenomenal, and all the characters in Melinda's story have a deep impact on the film.

It's a shame that this movie is so unknown, because it was truly ahead of its time. With a story that would resonate with so many teenagers today, this movie should be up with the likes of Eighth Grade, Edge of Seventeen and The Perks of Being A Wallflower.


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