10 Philip K Dick Movie Adaptations Ranked Best To Worst

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“For everyone lost in the endlessly multiplicating realities of the modern world,” wrote Terry Gilliam, “remember: Philip K Dick got there first.”

It’s apt that Gilliam should blurb PKD because they’re so alike, two ideas men whose work challenges and redefines the limits of reality. The heroes of Dick’s novels and short stories are similar to the Jonathan Pryce character in Brazil, meek little clerks who have a very good reason to be paranoid about the faceless authority figures they know are out to get them.

It’s a crying shame that Gilliam never got to adapt PKD because the former Python could really bring out the humour in Dick’s work. Dick was, first and foremost, a screamingly funny writer whose satirical jabs mean his books are so much more than “mere” science fiction.

If you only know Dick from the big budget adaptations of his novels, though, you might think that he writes stories about tough talking men of action who get into chases every few minutes. Hollywood doesn’t really “get” Dick but even though the results are wildly inconsistent, that’s never stopped them from adapting his work to the big screen.

Here are the ten most famous adaptations, ranked best to worst.

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