10 Planned Movie Scenes Actors Refused To Film

9. Harry & Lloyd Get On The Bus - Dumb & Dumber

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Dumb and Dumber's hilarious, unforgettable ending places a perfect capper on Harry (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd's (Jim Carrey) delightfully inane adventure by having them dejectedly walking home without any money or means of transportation.

Just then, however, a busload of bikini girls pulls onto the side of the road, with the beautiful models mentioning that they're looking for two "oil boys" to oil them up before each swimsuit competition.

Rather than take the obvious invitation, Harry and Lloyd remain in stupid character, telling the girls they're in luck because there's a town just a few miles down the road.

As the bus drives off, Lloyd realises they've made a huge mistake and flags the bus down, only to tell the ladies that the town is actually back in the other direction. Genius.

But several other endings were workshopped throughout production, and the studio insisted that the cast also shoot an alternate version of this scene where Harry and Lloyd indeed get on the bus with the girls.

Yet with the Farrelly brothers fearing that the studio would simply use the "happier" ending if they shot both, they took the matter to Jim Carrey, whose Hollywood stock was massively on the rise at the time.

Carrey flat-out refused to even get on the bus, telling the filmmakers, "I am not stepping foot on that bus. I won't do it," in turn protecting the integrity of the film's pitch perfect ending.


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