10 Popular TV Actors Whose Big Movie Breaks Totally Backfired

Small screen talent doesn't always translate to Hollywood.


Hollywood is full of success stories. And for almost every successful actor, somewhere in their filmography is an appearance in a popular TV show that you had no idea they were in.

After all, TV is where most stars of the big screen get their start. George Clooney came to fame for his role on ER, and James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel all got their first taste of fame on the admittedly short-lived Freaks and Geeks.

Sometimes, it seems as though the world of television is almost a proving ground for actors hoping to become movie stars, and for the most part, talent does break through and emerge in Hollywood.

Every so often, an actor tries to replicate their small screen success with a role in a blockbuster movie with disastrous results.

Usually this happens when the movie in question is of questionable quality, and oftentimes, these actors are the only compelling thing about their big screen debut.

The actors on this list are all well respected in their TV roles, but simply couldn't follow through when it came time to bring that magic to Hollywood.

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