10 Post Apocalyptic Films You Need To See

10. Horror Of The Blood Monsters

Thanks to the effects of “Chromatic Radiation”, an epidemic of Vampirism has broken out on Earth, resulting in starlets being attacked in dark alleys by extras wearing plastic fangs. In an effort to save humanity, John Carradine and crew venture into space with a TV, some deck chairs and a reel-to-reel tape recorder fitted into their wire-supported model spacecraft, which inexplicably transforms into the vessel from The Wizard of Mars (1965) when in orbit.

Landing on a planet “Identical to Earth” (and Vasquez Rocks Natural Park), they encounter lobster-men, sabre-toothed vampires, a flying bat demon and “Spectrum X”, the gimmick used to tint the black and white stock-footage red, yellow, blue and green.

You see, director Al Adamson took Tagani (1965), a B&W Filipino movie, shot some new scenes, jumbled it all together and released it to theaters as a “new” film, a trick he pulled again years later when he released the film to TV as Vampire Men Of The Lost Planet.

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