10 Potentially Awesome Movie Franchises That Never Took Off


We might complain about Michael Bay churning out the fourth Transformers movie, or the interminable number of Paranormal Activity sequels, but assembling a popular movie franchise is a lot harder than it looks. For some evidence of that, look no further than these 10 movies, which were promising movie series in the making, but didn't quite have the goods - either commercially or artistically - to earn themselves another seat at the table. These 10 movies, those hugely variant in quality, had the makings of another half-billion, even billion-dollar franchise in some cases, but either because of an inept script or simple box office failure, they sadly never came to fruition. By betraying the source material or simply failing to find themselves an audience, we missed out on potentially lucrative and awesomely entertaining franchises from these movies...

10. Dredd

Dredd We're all aware of how egregiously Sylvester Stallone sabotaged the good name of 2000 AD's Dredd in his woeful 1995 effort, but 2012's Karl Urban-starring, R-rated attempt got right a lot of what Sly didn't. It was violent, it was darkly funny, and for God's sake, the protagonist never took his helmet off, something Stallone was seemingly unable to do at the height of his star vanity. The film was a hit with critics and fans alike, and had all the makings of the next R-rated movie franchise, but this was soon stymied by a terrible box office performance, in which it didn't even make its budget back. The best we're going to get is a comic book continuation maybe, but due to audiences being burned so badly by Stallone, it essentially left audiences non-plussed about what turned out to be a pretty damn good movie. What a shame.

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