10 Problems With The DC Cinematic Universe Nobody Seems To Acknowledge

Because Batman and Superman does not a universe make.

Recently a writer on this very site launched some big criticisms against the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Criticisms that ranged from the business end to the creative process, but adding up to some pretty damning claims against the world that moviegoers world wide have seemed to find pretty fun. Regardless of public appeal, no universe is immune from the scathing pen of analysis, and the writer should be commended for their systematic take down of the MCU. However, fair is fair, and if you really want to talk about a Cinematic Universe that's problematic to a fault €“ you have to talk about the DC Comics Universe. For a comic company that's been around longer, both in print and on the big screen, you'd think they'd be the ones setting the pace for the rest to follow. Sadly, that's not the case, and the reasons why seem to be glossed over the moment a crossover film everyone's been looking forward to is announced as a sequel to a decent (but not excellent) reboot. Here now are 10 points of order that also range from business to creative ends of the spectrum, with an overall flavour of what's going rotten in the state of Warner Brothers and DC Comics.

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