10 Problems With Harry Potter Movies That Nobody Wants To Admit

Misuse of time travel, Emma Watson's ever-increasing hotness, and the awfulness that is Quidditch.

There's no denying that when J.K. Rowling set out to write Harry Potter she created a rich and interesting world with a near unparalleled mythology - there's enough material inherent to the franchise nowadays that it's able to sustain its own theme park, not to mention an endless stream of merchandising, a movie studio tour, and an upcoming film spin-off. It's a vast and enviable task for any writer to attain; one that defines "imagination." And yet, for all its pros, there are some serious cons. After all, the Harry Potter mythology is not perfect, and fans of both the books and the movies are sure to have noticed a few niggling issues within the series that make absolutely no sense. And given that the motion picture adaptations had even less time to explain and develop plot ideas and narrative events in as much detail as the books, they tend to have suffered more in problematic terms. Here, then, are 10 problems with Harry Potter - and in-particular the movies - that most fans don't want to admit to. Try as you might to defend the following Potter-based annoyances, it's difficult to explain them in a way that sustains Rowling's world. Yes, the author took some creative liberties when crafting Potter, but these logical missteps are hard to excuse. Feel free to explain, if you can, diehard Harry Potter fans, starting with...
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