10 Problems With Marvel's Phase 4 (And How To Solve Them)

10. The Black Widow Movie Feels Underwhelming

Marvel Studios

We now know a little more about the first instalment in Marvel’s Phase 4: the Black Widow movie. Set between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War during the period where Natasha Romanoff was still a fugitive from international justice, it’ll see her face off against former colleagues from Russia and the Red Room.

And yet there’s nothing here that feels especially vital. Unless you’re a Black Widow stan desperate for one last round of high kicks and dry quips, it all just seems a little dull.

The Black Widow movie must have been greenlit after they knew the character would die in Avengers: Endgame. They knew that her character’s arc was coming to a close: so why spend all the time and money on this film in the first place?

Natasha Romanoff is dead: this prequel, the beginning of the vaunted new saga, is set during the saga we’ve just closed the book on. What is there to get invested in?

Well, the obvious answer would be to walk back Endgame’s definitive no-taking-back rule on the Widow’s passing.

In the comics, the Black Widow was killed in battle and resurrected… by the Red Room. They have her memories transferred to a clone artificially grown to maturity, their greatest assassin returned to them at last.

It was made as clear as possible that the Infinity Stones couldn’t bring back a character sacrificed to the Soul Stone - but they found a loophole to bring back Gamora. Why not Romanoff?


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