10 Questionable Criticisms Of The Dark Knight Rises

Bat-a-rangs at the ready.

The Dark Knight Trilogy is hailed by many as the very best series in all of superhero cinema. It set box office records and received a level of critical acclaim never before experienced in the genre. In the process, a very passionate and very devoted fanbase was formed. The final film in the series, The Dark Knight Rises, has become a point of contention, though. Overall, most fans seem pleased with Christopher Nolan's epic conclusion, but there are other very vocal fans crying foul. By no means is The Dark Knight Rises perfect, as no film is. There are, however, some criticisms of the film that are not based on an accurate interpretation of how the story unfolds. There are additional criticisms levied against The Dark Knight Rises for ideas and themes that are actually quite consistent with the previous two films in the trilogy. Essentially, The Dark Knight Rises is paying for perceived sins that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were apparently excused from. This article examines ten of the most frequent criticisms of The Dark Knight Rises and evaluates their merit.


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