10 Quick Ways To Fix The DCEU

How To Fix The DCEU!

Warner Bros.

The DCEU is one of the biggest tragedies of modern cinema. In an effort to compete with the MCU, Warner Bros created sub-par movies that pale in comparison to the original source material. As a matter of fact, in some regards, DC’s multiple Arrowverse is vastly superior to its big screen counterpart.

With the absolute juggernaut that was Avengers: Endgame, coupled along with the dismal failure that was the Justice League, it would seem that lots if not all hope is lost for our poor caped-crusaders. However, that does not mean that Warner Brothers has given up on the DCEU just yet.

With Wonder Woman 1984 releasing next year and Birds of Prey releasing in just a few months, it is clear that Warner Brothers still has some fight left in it. Then there's Aquaman 2, The Flash's own movie and Black Adam. So there is reason for positivity, as long as it all works.

However, if the DCEU does not fix the main problems it still suffers from, the new installments are doomed to failure.

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