10 Quotes That Define Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters

"I am Iron Man"

The Marvel cinematic universe has had its fair share of memorable quotes - in fact it's quite famous for its snappy dialogue, thanks to witty directors and actors including the likes of Joss Whedon and Robert Downey Jr. Some of these quotes have been memorable because they've been admirably heroic or devilishly villainous, while others have simply been funny. Regardless of their nature, some of these quotes have served to define a particular character to a T. Of course, characters develop and their personalities change, so the quotes that define them change as well. Look at Thor - he started off as arrogant and naive, but ended up heroic and wise. Look at Loki - he started off on the side of good, but became twisted and resentful. Look at Tony Stark - he started off sarcastic, arrogant and self-righteous, but he became... well, sarcastic, arrogant and self-righteous but with a side of heroism and selflessness. Essentially, there are a number of quotes that could define characters at certain points in the Marvel cinematic universe timeline, but we'll be focusing on the characters at the current point in the timeline in this article. On that note, here are ten quotes that define Marvel cinematic universe characters...

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