10 Rare Movie Actor Contract Clauses You Never Knew

9. Tom Cruise Won't Allow His Likeness To Be Used For Action Figures Or Video Games

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Tom Cruise is basically the dictionary definition of a movie star, so it's pretty surprising that he has a clause written into his blockbuster movie projects which prevents his likeness being used for action figures, video games, and other peripheral merchandise.

Even as far back as 1987's Top Gun, Cruise hasn't lent his likeness to a video game adaptation nor even agreed to have his face plastered on a game box.

Despite the obvious commercial potential of Mission: Impossible action figures, the only Ethan Hunt figures with his likeness are unofficial, fan-made ones.

It's been speculated by some that this may be a Scientology-mandated stipulation, but there's never been anything to concretely confirm that.

Still, considering the added revenue streams Cruise could tether himself to by simply allowing his face to appear in additional movie media, it's pretty odd that he's so protective of it.


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