10 Raunchy Moments When Eva Green Went Bad

10. Stripping Off - Camelot

We'll begin with a quintessential Eva Green role, as she plays the villainous Morgan Pendragon on Camelot, and frankly, it's hard to know which moment to pick, given how many sexy scenes Green has throughout the 10-episode series. There's an intense sex scene and a bathing scene in which we get to see a whole lot of Green, but we're going to go with the scene in which Morgan walks through a forest at night while wearing a sheer dress, which she promptly drops to the floor, giving us a clear, nicely-lit view of her much-discussed chest. As for the rest of the show? Critics were relatively lukewarm on it, and due to the busy schedules of Green and other actors, a second season was never commissioned. Still, it provided some guilty pleasures, and a few more lingering looks at Green's gorgeous figure. We can't complain.

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