10 Raunchy Moments Fiendishly Hidden In Disney Cartoons

1. Baby Herman's Rogue Finger

Given the consciously adult material of Roger Rabbit, and the very much intended jarring effect of the juxtaposition of that material and the traditionally €œchildish€ medium, it's not altogether that shocking to discover that the Bob Hoskins starring noir-pastiche had a bit of a grubby collar. Rumour has it the Best of Roger Rabbit laserdisc was hastily pulled off shelves when Disney realised the fleeting in-jokes and adult references that Spielberg apparently encouraged and that wouldn't have been visible on VHS could be discovered with far greater ease thanks to the advances of technology. Those references €“ as well as Donald Duck's alleged use of the N word towards Daffy Duck €“ are nothing compared with this Baby Herman rumour, which suggests that the foul-mouthed little wretch indulges in a little adult activity when he invades the skirt of his €œnanny.€ Walking under the skirt, Herman can be seen extending a single finger, before emerging looking excited, as in the image below. Dirty boy. The Explanation There's never been an official explanation, though the images seem to speak for themselves, especially in the general context of the rest of the film's history. The finger was edited out of the DVD release of the film, somewhat unsurprisingly, as you can see below - the first image is the new cut, and the second is the original...
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