10 Raunchy Moments When Jennifer Aniston Went Bad

Aniston This week, the trailers for the admittedly hilarious looking We're The Millers landed in UK screens ahead of the equally wonderful Alan Partridge movie, and aside from the promise, the biggest issue to note is the giratingly sexy presence of Jennifer Aniston as a stripper. If you missed it, here's the trailer... Clearly aware of quite what that casting means to fans of beautiful things, Warner Bros have gone heavy on the stripping presence in the trailer, using their biggest selling point in a remarkably clever way to get some fans on board as early as possible, and to turn the comedy into one of the more attractive prospects on the coming release calendar. And it's not the first time Jennifer Aniston has been used to sell films - for an actress with a fairly squeaky clean reputation, she has appeared naked in a surprising number of films (including, quite amazingly, Marley & Me) and whole projects have been sold on the back of her sexual appeal. So, to celebrate the excellent We're The Millers trailer, we're looking back at the raunchiest moments of Aniston's career to date. This is the one where Jennifer Aniston temporarily dropped her nice-as-pie image, and sexed it up to sell herself to a whole new audience...

Honourable Mention

The One With The Friends Nipples This isn't necessarily a moment that typifies Aniston going bad, and more a natural occurence that the marketeers behind friends took massive advantage of, presumably leaving studio temperatures as low as possible in the hopes of coaxing the actress' nipples out on show. For the frequency that they appeared in prominent supporting roles, there can't have been anything unplanned or unintentional about it.

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