10 Reasons Alien 3 Is A Misunderstood Masterpiece

10. A New Kind Of Alien


In the previous films, we€™d only seen the aliens born from humans. But Alien 3 poses a different question €” what if, instead of bursting out of a human, the alien bursts out of something else? It€™s become accepted as part of the canon that the aliens take on the characteristics of whatever creature they gestate in, but Alien 3 is when that was really established. Unlike the previous films, the alien in this movie comes not from a human, but from the body of an ox (or a dog in the theatrical version). Since it came from an animal, this alien moves on all fours and has a different look, appearing reddish. This alien was also less intelligent than the ones in Aliens, who showed to possess problem-solving intelligence. Again, that€™s something attributable to coming from an ox. This alien is even more removed from humanity, more of a wild beast. Like Ripley says in one scene, €œit€™s like a lion.€ It was also much sleeker and faster than the previous aliens, and the way Fincher portrayed its movement was wonderful. In a scene when running through the corridors, we see from the alien€™s perspective and the camera spins as the alien goes from crawling on the floor to the ceiling. Facing off a new kind of alien like this helps add something different to the formula. After all, we€™ve gone from a single alien to a colony of aliens and the Queen, so now we need something different.

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