10 Reasons Batman Forever Is Better Than Any Other Batman Movie

Tin hats at the ready...

Warner Bros.

After the Bat-fever of the late '80s and early '90s, it was expected that the next in the Bat series would follow the same tone as previously established.

A sulky Keaton, dark foreboding architecture and the all round signature Burton/ Elfman creepiness throughout.

What we all got was something, different. So far removed from the previous two films that many were baffled, most furious. Because of this initial reaction, Batman Forever has unfairly been remembered as mis-step in the superhero genre sitting firmly next to Batman and Robin.

If the time is taken to give it a chance however, a very strong case can be made for why Batman forever is the pinnacle of Bat Cinema.

What worked in the late '80s for Burton was never going to translate well to '90s culture and Joel Schumacher stepped up to deliver a wholly different experience that although wasn't appreciated at the time, stands up better as a movie in its own right as than any other outing before or since.

From over the top villains, spectacular sidekicks and Glorious gadgets, here are the 10 reasons why, for some, Batman Forever will forever be, the greatest Batman movie of all time.


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