10 Reasons The Comic Book Movie Fad Is Here To Stay

Don't call it a bubble.

The movie-going public€™s appetite for comic book movies has reached its pinnacle. Sony, DC, Marvel, and Fox have inundated fans with a slate of release dates that promise to deliver enormous thrills until 2020 and beyond. Hollywood's infatuation with superhero movies should be a cause for comic fans to rejoice; however, the would-be soothsayers among us see storm clouds looming on the horizon. History has taught us a golden rule: bubbles eventually burst. Audiences loved westerns until they didn€™t and the genre faded into obscurity. Fads come and go. History dictates that the same will happen for comic books: once the marketplaces becomes over-saturated, audiences will tire of the genre and stop buying tickets. It€™s laughably easy to predict that the comic book fad will fade sooner than later, but could the comic book movie craze be an anomaly in film history? Could it possess a staying power other genres before have lacked? It€™s time to dissect the trend and see what, if anything, could make the genre endure, and where there can be hope that the Golden Age of the comic book movie isn't going anywhere for now...

I hail from the west coast of British Columbia. I'm an aspiring novelist who loves pulp and art house films. I admire films that try to do something interesting.