10 Reasons An All-Female Ghostbusters Is A Terrible Idea

'Busting doesn't feel as good any more.

Though rumours have been swirling for months that a new, all-female Ghostbusters movie was in the works, it was only earlier this month that director Paul Feig confirmed that it was actually happening, and that he would be taking the helm. Unsurprisingly, the reception to the news has been wildly mixed, with many expressing their disappointment, while less-articulate commentators have opted for the usual sexist mudslinging that does nobody any favours. An all-female Ghostbusters sequel-reboot is either going to completely blow or be a surprisingly refreshing take on a classic franchise, that much is sure. However, as much as women-centric comedies should be encouraged given the lack of movies (be it comedies or otherwise) topped by female casts in Hollywood, there is plenty of good reason to be skeptical about this decision. Outside of all the sexist reasons, there are plenty of legitimate answers as to why an all-female Ghostbusters movie shouldn't happen, tarnishing the legacy of the original that's already relatively tattered by the disappointing second film. Can't they just let the 2009 video game act as Ghostbusters 3 instead? At least that included the involvement of all four original Ghostbusters...

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