10 Reasons The New Peanuts Film Will Be A Complete Success

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, and Pig Pen are practically household names across the globe, though recently the Peanuts gang has existed primarily as nostalgia. You might still watch the Christmas special and the Great Pumpkin every year but most of your enduring enjoyment of the world's most popular comic strip ends there. And though the light of popularity has dimmed since Charles Schulz' passing in 2000, some will always consider the Peanuts sacred. Bringing them back to popularity means updating them for unfamiliar generations while still respecting and honouring what the man worked so tirelessly to create them. Other popular characters can attest, if you don't stay in the public eye you disappear. That being said, the Peanuts lot are about to make a comeback in a big way. 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky studios have teamed up to bring us a brand new 3D computer animated Peanuts feature film. And although any kind of judgement should be reserved until the film's release (November 2015), there are several key signs pointing in the direction of the film's inevitable success. After that short teaser dropped a few days ago, inevitably, judgment rained down upon it: some are excited, some are skeptical, some cry sacrilege, but one thing is for sure, you can't keep a good man like Charlie Brown down.

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