10 Reasons Solo Is The Worst Star Wars Film To Date

And you thought the prequels were bad.


Star Wars has been hugely divisive over the years. It has an incredible Original Trilogy, but that part of the franchise is the only one people agree on. George Lucas' Prequels are some of cinema's most loathed films, the misjudged animated Clone Wars movie was even worse and even the recent Disney Star Wars films have split fans. As such, everyone was expecting Solo: A Star Wars Story to be another dud.

With a nightmarish production and a lack of promotion, this is one movie everyone was worried about. Still, no one expected it to be the huge box office bomb it's been, but what's more is that it deserves it.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is awful. A charmless, bland, and by-the-numbers bore, it lacks the adventurous spirit, incredible world-building, and mesmerizing thrills that define this beloved franchise, making it Star Wars in name only.

While superior to The Clone Wars, this is still the worst of the main Star Wars movies. Yes, it is even worse than the Prequels, which are mediocre at worst and have some great moments. That's more than can be said for Solo.


Spoilers Ahead.


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