10 Reasons The DC Cinematic Universe Could Beat Marvels'

How peace has cost Marvel its strength, and how the DC rises.

Currently, DC's cinematic universe is without a doubt playing catch-up to Marvel. Man of Steel was a disappointing Superman reboot while Guardians of the Galaxy, a film based around characters that the majority of cinema-goers didn't even recognise, was the highest grossing superhero film of 2014. The Dawn of Justice is barely breaking, while Marvel will be fighting fans away after Infinity War. DC are completely beaten, right? Wrong. As everyone learned in childhood, slow and steady wins the race. Now that Marvel are getting up to speed and promising fans the world (and any other world that they decide to bring in alien superheroes from), they are much more likely to trip over their own spandex-slippers. With all the hype around Marvel's Phase 3, it would not be surprising if the executives were breaking into a sweat about having to deliver to that level of expectation. DC, on the other hand, have seen all of Marvel's superhero tricks and have been planning their retaliation, ready to reclaim the crown they lost after The Dark Knight Rises and become, once again, the comic book king. You might think it's impossible, but there's reasons why DC can come back and be the superhero franchise the world deserves and the one it needs right now. In fact, there are ten reasons.
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