10 Reasons There Are Only 2 And A Half Good Alien Movies

9. Weyland-Yutani Gets Lamer And Lamer

Alien Resurrection

The Company that drives the plot line of Alien, later given an identity as Weyland-Yutani in Aliens, is pretty damn cool. It’s an apparently omniscient, unfeeling, malevolent entity that considers human beings meaningless pawns in its quest for power, money and corporate growth. Its face is the slick, charming, and obviously evil Burke in Aliens.

But then Weyland-Yutani undergoes a company-wide intelligence downsizing exercise and becomes composed entirely of morons. As an example, take the way the xenomorphs bust out of pokey in Alien: Resurrection. Literally the first thing established about the creature (okay, second thing after ‘Oh my god it’s got my face’) is that it has acid for blood, powerful enough to eat through the deck of a spaceship. Yet once the ubergeniuses at W-Y have a bunch of them locked up in a cell, they immediately forget everything they ever learned about an organism they literally study for a living, and act surprised when the aliens burn their way out with (wait for it…) their acid blood.

Damnit, Weyland-Yutani, you used to be cool. Or at least competent.


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