10 Reasons Why Dawn of the Dead Remake Sucks

Oh I won't lie, I know "Dawn of the Dead" 2004 is considered one of the better remakes ever made for audiences. Many horror fans enjoy it, others love it, and some of the few wackos consider it better than the original. There are even the rare nutcases who insist it's the best remake of all time, even more so than John Carpenter's The Thing. Bellevue is calling.

In spite of being belittled by original "Dawn" director Romero in interviews (he calls it a good "action" movie), it's still considered a gem by many horror fans. Except this one. I not only consider it one of the dumbest most underwhelming zombie movies ever made, but it spits all over the original in terms of characters, story, and basic logic. Hey, Sara Polley is a wonderful actress, but I wish she'd chosen a good zombie movie to star in, when all was said and done.

Here are ten reasons why the "Dawn" remake is awful and as dumb as a bag of door knobs.

1. The Opening

So in the opening we can buy that Ana doesn't know that the world around her is crumbling since it becomes a basic cliche once the apocalyptic sub-genre of films took motion, but you expect me to believe she and her husband didn't notice the state of emergency news cast on the television even after they were done making love in the shower? And they didn't notice the screams, cries, rabid growls of the dead, gun shots, ruckus, emergency sirens, or riot like mayhem ensuing outside of their house all morning? Do they have sound proof walls and windows? And how does neighbor Vivian get in to their house without keys? Was Ana so exhausted she left all the doors open to the house?

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