10 Reasons Why Jaws: The Revenge Is The Worst Film Of All Time

Jaws The Revenge 5 Thirty years ago, Jaws 3-D hit theaters across the world to critical failure, thanks to a catalogue of errors: it lost main man Martin Brody, located itself at Sea World, used gimmicky 3-D and was full of plot holes. Critics of the time were furious that such a film could follow in the auspicious footsteps imprinted on the industry by the perfect film that was Jaws left. Upon digging up some thirty year old magazines from a relative's attic, I made the discovery of an article reviewing the film, calling it 'the worst thing they could have done to ruin Jaws.' I laughed at the naivety of that comment, emboldened by the knowledge in hindsight of the coming atrocity that was fourth film, Jaws: The Revenge. And then I came to the conclusion that if this critic knew these ten things about the awful shark-shaped mess that was on the horizon, he or she may have been slightly (very slightly) kinder to the film that came before it...

10. It Blanked The Previous Film Entirely

Jaws 3D This doesn't just make it a bad Jaws sequel, but a bad sequel in general. Sure, Jaws 3-D isn't the greatest film ever (far from it, actually), but no matter how bad it was, it still exists. Which means that if you plan on doing another sequel, you kinda have to follow the timeline. So when The Revenge recast and reset the Brody brothers entirely, it caused a bit of a stir. What happened to Mike and Sean's SeaWorld shark adventures? Did they both mysteriously go down with a bout of amnesia and share a doctor who thought the best cure would be plastic surgery?

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