10 Reasons Why Richard Donner's Superman Is Still Awesome

There's a reason Woman Wonder paid so much of a homage...

Warner Bros.

We live in a superhero movie renaissance. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to thrive, DC has finally gotten out of the mud with Wonder Woman, and Fox’s X-Men films are still trucking along despite some forgettable moments.

But in all the deluge of films about costumed crime fighters and their varying degrees of angst, little attention is seemingly paid to the film that started it all.

Not Iron Man or Spider-Man, not The Dark Knight or even the original Batman. The real OG is Richard Donner’s 1978 classic Superman, the film the practically invented the genre as we know it.

Is it the best superhero film of all time? No, but it’s certainly among them and easily one of the most influential.

Now a lot of people might call the film cheesy and dated, but not only does Superman hold up incredibly well, it actually does some things that are missing from the more modern cinematic interpretation of the character...

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