10 Reasons Why Superman Isn't An Interesting Superhero

man-of-steel04 Superman is one of the most iconic creations in fictional history and easily the most well-known superhero around the world. He is DC Comics' flagship hero and is beloved by millions for being a shining beacon of all this is good and just in this world. Basically he is the embodiment of all that humans should strive to be. This always left me feeling perplexed when I was a kid after watching or reading anything Superman related. I knew he was this amazing creation and that he stood for all these great things but I just couldn't bring myself to care about him even in the slightest. Now that I've gotten older and more knowledgeable about the various Marvel and DC characters I've been able to figure out just why I find him so boring despite the fact that there is so much evidence against this. I want to state right off the bat that this is in no way shape or form an article meant to bash the Man of Steel. It is simply an analysis of him as a character and what makes him different than all of the other superheroes. In fact, you may find your love for him being reassured by my points here and that is perfectly OK. Superman is an iconic character who will be loved for generations to come, whether people find him boring or not, because he has already solidified his place in the pop culture canon. He is the ultimate representation of hope and perseverance in a state of crisis and I really respect him even if I don't get excited about anything he is involved in. Although, I am looking forward to Man of Steel because I think Nolan, Goyer and Snyder have created a version of the character that we haven't seen before. Also, anything with Amy Adams in it is a must see for me. But I digress. Read on for 10 reasons why Superman isn't an interesting superhero...
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