10 Reasons Why The World's End Is Secretly The Best Of The Cornetto Trilogy

Yeah, you heard. Now how's that for a slice of fried gold?

The Cornetto Trilogy: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End €“ surely the greatest geek-friendly series of British comedy films ever to tear through cinema. A decade-spanning, unstoppable torrent of big laughs, unforgettable quotes and ambitious set pieces, recently completed with last year's arrival of The World's End, a sci-fi adventure in which five childhood friends reunite to attempt a fabled pub crawl in their hometown. A pub crawl which, in true Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright fashion, is interrupted by an invasion of alien robots. Each film in the cult trilogy, connected by writer/director Edgar Wright, best-mate leads Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and a gaggle of recurring jokes, is hilarious in its own right - with zombie-ridden debut and riotous quote-factory Shaun of the Dead most commonly regarded as the standout classic of the series. But what if €“ blasphemous as it may sound €“ Shaun isn't actually the best of the three? What about latecomer The World's End? Can a case be made that €“ in terms of pure quality of writing, direction and performance €“ part three (the oft-most derided instalment of any trilogy) is secretly a better film than its predecessors? Here are ten points which may well prove that to be so...

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