10 Reboots/Sequels That Didn't Know Why The Originals Were Popular

For those who say that lightning never strikes twice...you might be right.

Marvel Studios

These days, Hollywood has put all their money on the success of reboots and sequels. It makes financial sense, as previously established franchises have a built-in audience and are easy to follow up or remake, but there are storytelling consequences for this decision.

Charismatic actors don't want to tie themselves down to a ten movie series, studio interference can run creative talent into a wall, and sometimes audiences just grow tired of the same movie being shoved in their faces, when no one wants to see Ben-Hur or King Arthur remake. Studios exist to generate revenue, so they prefer to throw out another reboot of a show from your childhood than invest in something risky like an original story.

When Hollywood does put out a compelling film, it has to start a franchise so they can keep coming back to the money vending machine when their pockets feel a little light. Unfortunately, that means that many movies that hit the sweet spot of entertaining and engaging need to be trotted out again, and it isn't so easy to replicate the magic of the original. Some sequels are good, but most can't hold a candle to their predecessor.


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