10 Recent Horror Movie Scenes Too Disturbing To Watch

9. Crows - The Witch

Spiral From The Book of Saw
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Whilst not as gory as the previous entry, it’s the realism with which it is executed that makes it so horrific.

As many of us know by now, Robert Eggers’ The Witch is a tense, unbearably oppressive 17th century folktale with many horrific moments. A child is possessed and pukes an apple, a man is gored by a goat and you bet your ass there’s witches. Witches that just so happen to steal babies.

The matriarch of the central family, Katherine, is deeply depressed after her baby goes missing – fearing for the child’s soul as it died before it could be baptised. Her grief only worsens when her eldest son Caleb dies, causing her to hallucinate.

In her vision, she sees her two children returned. Her baby, she notices, is hungry, and so she begins to breastfeed it. It is only then that the truth is revealed.

A raven, not her baby, is viciously tugging and pecking the flesh of her breast, all while Katherine laughs maniacally.

It’s so unexpected and so jarring, completely devoid of music and Katherine sits in the centre of the dimly lit screen so the viewer cannot look away. Even covering your eyes won’t help, as her laughter and the sound of ripping flesh continue.

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