10 Recent Movie Performances Even More Impressive When You Know The Truth

Which actor had broken bones while filming Dr. Strange?

Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise
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It's safe to say that the bar continues to be well and truly raised when it comes to producing increasingly epic and awe-inspiring features for the big screen, with everything from staggering blockbusters to deeply stylish dramas proving there's always room for improvement within the art of crafting a cinematic project.

But what eventually finds its way into modern theatres is usually only half the story.

In order to create these always-evolving slices of jaw-dropping action or stirring drama, the actors at the centre of the production sometimes have to put their bodies through unquestionable hell or push their minds to the absolute limit when committing to their chosen characters and the worlds they occupy in front of our very eyes.

From being thrown into the middle of an utterly insane stunt-heavy set-piece at the last-minute, to having to pull off an entire movie shoot in just 48 hours, each of the following performances were already worthy of your admiration, but the ridiculous truth behind what actually went into making them a reality only makes you appreciate them that little bit more.

10. A Last-Minute Helicopter Scene Keeps The Cast On Their Toes - Ambulance

Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise

When signing up to appear in a flick helmed by the action-obsessed mind behind the likes of the Transformers franchise and Armageddon, it's safe to assume that you'll wind up being thrust into the middle of a pulsating real-life stunt-heavy sequence before your time on set is over.

But in the case of Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II when working on Michael Bay's most recent project by the name of Ambulance, the duo were very much under the impression they were done for the day before arguably one of the thriller's most intense action scenes was suddenly dropped in their laps.

With both stars on their way home in the titular vehicle to get their own clothes, the barmy director radioed for the two Sharp's to spin around and head to the L.A. River.

Upon showing up to the locale, Bay would reveal to his actors, ‘I have an idea! I have two helicopters!' And before long Gyllenhaal was hanging out the side of said Ambulance as Bay improvised and entirely shot a gripping back-and-forth between the airborne and grounded vehicles in just two-a-half-hours.

In fact, the film managed to wrap altogether in just 38 days. But that speedy shoot pales in comparison to...


Lifts rubber and metal. Watches people flip in spandex and pretends to be other individuals from time to time...