10 Recent Movie Scenes Actors Hated Performing

From awkward mud baths to terrible puns or too much makeup.

Harley quinn
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For the most part, stepping into another character's shoes for a movie is an enjoyable way of bringing home the bacon.

Through these often varying roles, an actor is frequently given the chance to explore what it is to be human or even a life-form from another galaxy, paying off months of research and hard work by ultimately producing electric exchanges and compelling drama/comedy/action on the big screen.

Yet, even in a job as routinely satisfying as this, not every day turns out to be a walk in the park, with some scenes requiring a performer to endure uncomfortable, annoying, or even stomach-churning experiences in order to get the shot in the can.

And though technology and the industry as a whole has come a long way over the years, that still doesn't deprive even the brightest of stars of on set moments they won't be in a rush to relive any time soon.

From soul-destroying sprinting sequences, to costume-induced headaches, these actors didn't have the best of times when it came to specific moments in more recent big screen offerings.

10. Francis McDormand Experienced "A Not-Very-Pleasant Thing" - Nomadland

Harley quinn
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Chloé Zhao’s tale of a nomad who begins a new life on the road in the wake of her husband's death quickly became the talk of the town heading into the most recent Oscar season.

With the director showcasing real-life nomads throughout the Best Picture winning Nomadland, the film simply exuded authenticity from start to finish.

And said legitimacy was also felt in Frances McDormand's Best Actress-winning work too, specifically during a moment she described as feeling like she'd "literally experienced the worst, not maybe the worst thing, but a not-very-pleasant thing that could happen.”

With McDormand and Zhao testing out the van that would become almost a character in its own right throughout the flick - the actor had wanted to sleep in it for character research - the former soon regretted indulging in some spicy wings for dinner. Before she knew it, McDormand was taking "a dump in the 5-gallon bucket." But as she'd blissfully acknowledge, "it also was really great because we filmed some stuff.”

Though it's not clear whether any of said very real bowl movements made it into the flick itself, the harsh realities of nomad life evidently hit McDormand very early in the shoot.


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