10 Recent Movies Guaranteed To Age Terribly

Including social media references from start to finish will guarantee your movie dates in no time.

A real measure of a great movie is when it manages to withstand the test of time and can be watched many years later and still feel fresh and interesting. It shows that the filmmakers have captured something vital and essential and presented it in a manner which transcends the styles of the time. An example of such timeless classics would be Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, where classy special effects coupled with a strong thematic emphasis on existential identity ensured that, regardless of the march of progress in computer generated imagery, the film not only looks great to this day but still resonates on a textual level. Other films, however, aren't quite as fortunate in this regard. Sometimes this is on account of placing too much emphasis on special effects techniques which will inevitably degrade over time; other times it's because the narrative is rooted in a particular time and place, is based around cultural and social phenomena which turn out to be short-lived fads, crammed with pop culture references which will be unfamiliar to audiences further down the line. The following list covers ten recent movies which are all but guaranteed to age terribly. They might still be good fun, but watch them years from now and you can expect them to feel very much of their own time and place.
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