10 Recent Movies That Grossly Overestimated What Their CGI Could Do

10. Men In Black: International

Men In Black International Tessa Thompson

Men in Black: International was a crushing disappointment for many reasons, not least its frustrating deference towards excessive CGI compared to the previous three entries into the series.

Legendary seven-time Oscar-winning makeup artist Rick Baker - who won one of his Oscars for his work on the first MiB - provided the stunning practical alien makeup for the original trilogy, and though Baker retired in 2014, Sony decided not to seek many tactile, practical solutions for International's extraterrestrial creatures.

While some of the film's alien effects are still "real", there's a decidedly greater abundance of CGI this time around, and the results pale massively compared to Baker's more considered and lifelike designs and effects.

That's not to ignore some of the movie's iffy green screen, either, for while the original films employed their fair amount of VFX work, it was decidedly more sparing than the soulless overkill on display here.

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