10 Recent Movies That Totally Tricked Audiences

Marvel played us like a damn fiddle.

Selling a movie to audiences is entirely built on the idea of manipulation, of doing whatever it takes to convince people to thrown down money for a ticket.

This often results in studios marketing their movies dishonestly, or if we're being more charitable, misrepresenting the film for the sake of concealing spoilers.

As ever, execution is key, and for every five movies that leave audiences pissed off at being misled, there are one or two that actually serve up a pleasant dramatic surprise.

These 10 films, all released within the last year, decided to pull a fast one on audiences, either mis-marketing themselves for a quick cash-grab, or actually doing so in the hope of bamboozling fans with a genuine surprise twist.

Whether for better or for worse, these movies all left viewers with raised eyebrows as they watched the trickery unfold before them.

Oh, and here's an honourable mention to the Pet Sematary remake, which boasted a neat twist on Stephen King's original story - killing the daughter character instead of the son - only to give it away in the trailers for free. Good going...


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