10 Recent Movies Where The Reshoots Were Obvious

These movies couldn't hide their troubled production.

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Force Ghost Luke

Reshoots are a dirty word in many film enthusiast circles, despite the fact that they're an organic, often necessary part of the filmmaking process.

Where blockbusters are concerned, it's incredibly rare to conduct no reshoots whatsoever - James Gunn's The Suicide Squad being a recent example.

Heck, Marvel Studios even carves out time for reshoots in every single MCU movie's schedule before a single frame of film has even been shot. It allows filmmakers to capture shots that were missed during principal photography and also calibrate their movie according to test reactions.

But it's also totally fair to say that not all reshoots are conducted equal, and sometimes they're part of a larger desperate bid to try and salvage a troubled project.

Smart filmmakers will be able to massage these reshoots into the original footage by ensuring every aspect of the continuity is matched, but sometimes directors don't quite do their due diligence in ensuring everything lines up perfectly.

As a result, the reshoots are blindingly obvious perhaps even to those who weren't aware that reshoots took place at all.

From jarring changes in narrative tone to ridiculous technical mistakes and everything in-between, these movies all announced their reshoots - whether ultimately good or bad - loudly from the rooftops...

10. Artemis Fowl

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Force Ghost Luke

Artemis Fowl was ultimately sent straight to Disney+ last summer, a convenient fate which allowed Disney to use the pandemic to disguise the fact that they knew they had a surefire dud on their hands.

And it was clear as day to anyone who had been paying attention to the film's marketing, honestly.

Principal photography began in March 2018, and though the first teaser trailer was released in November of that year, the first full trailer didn't land until almost 18 months later in March 2020.

Only at this point, two years after shooting started, was it revealed that Colin Farrell had joined the cast as Artemis' father, making it abundantly clear that the actor had been added during reshoots in order to give the film some A-list pizazz.

Considering that Farrell ended up having a significant role, one can only imagine what the original state of the movie must've been without his or his character's involvement.

Fans certainly had plenty to complain about with so much being left out or changed from the beloved books, and watching the frantic, choppy, 95-minute final result, it's clear that Disney was desperately trying to place post-production band-aids on a project with gaping creative wounds.


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