10 Remarkable Movie Performances By The Last Actor You'd Expect

Sometimes actors are at their best outside their comfort zones.

Columbia Pictures

A lot of actors are very good at playing a certain type of role. You want a ditzy lead for your romantic comedy? Jennifer Aniston is your girl. Awkard teen? Michael Cera. Or maybe you want a wise old man to dole out life lessons? No problem. That's probably what Morgan Freeman was doing today anyway.

Actors like these are a safe bet for directors and an easy way to let audiences know what kind of character their seeing without the need for exposition.

The downside though is that it can lead to these kinds of actors getting typecast into specific roles, hindering their ability to show the range of their acting skills. It can also lead to a sense of boring predictability for audiences. After all, it's a well known joke that it's only a surprise if a Sean Bean character doesn't heroically sacrifice themselves.

That's why it's so refreshing to see actors step out of their comfort zone and play a role that's against their type. It can showcase a whole new layer of talent that they don't usually get to demonstrate and can hit audiences with an unexpected twist when a film subverts the expectation of who that actor is playing.


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