10 Ridiculous Actor Stories You Won't Believe Are Real

You'll never guess the odd thing Bryan Cranston did whilst shooting a scene for Breaking Bad...

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The acting industry is a pretty ridiculous and strange one, there's no denying it.

This is the same profession that involves grown adults pretending to be superheroes fighting big purple aliens in outer space, various famous figures from human history, and occasionally an animated douche for actual money.

But for the faces/voices behind the many big and small screen characters you no doubt love, the ridiculousness doesn't necessarily end after the director calls "cut!"

In fact, some of the things the stars of everything from Stranger Things to American Pie have experienced over the years are so shocking, absurd, or so outrageous you'd likely struggle to believe them if they were going down in one of their very own films or TV shows.

Believe it or not, though, each and every tale you're about to read is 100% true.

These top class thespians very much grew up putting some particularly peculiar things in their mouths, once chose the worst moment imaginable to crack a rather awkward joke, and were paid a surprisingly tiny amount of dollars for their part in some of the most successful movies of the '90s...

10. Channing Tatum Was Freaking Out Badly When He Met Matt Damon

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He may often come across as one of the most charming and confident blokes in the business on-screen, but Channing Tatum himself has admitted that he typically tends to "panic when (he) talk(s) to people" in real-life (via People).

And one example of the 21 Jump Street star doing exactly that, and producing one of the most ridiculous questions possible in the process, happened back when Tatum met none other than Matt Damon for the first time about a decade ago.

With Tatum shooting Steven Soderbergh's Haywire at the time, Damon decided to join the team for a few drinks after they'd finished filming for the day. And it was here when the Foxcatcher actor nervously decided to ask an icon he was very much a fan of exactly where he was from.

Matt Damon: arguably one of the most famous actors to ever come out of Massachusetts.

Tatum himself even admitted that everybody on the planet knows where he's from, and he spent the next two hours with his mouth firmly shut, with the star hilariously confessing to producing a cold sweat whenever he thinks about the ridiculous opening line to this day.

Luckily for the Chan man, Damon is a nice enough fella and happily answered the obvious question. The two are even "friendly" still today, proving that it's possible to recover from even the most awkward of first impressions, folks.


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