10 Ridiculous Movie Tropes So Common People Think They're Real

Movies are lying to you all the time.

The Joker The Dark Knight Heath Ledger
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Movie tropes and cliches exist for a reason - they're a simple and efficient way to convey a piece of information to the audience or get characters where they need to go while cutting through the boring complexities of, you know, real life.

And while many outlandish and unrealistic tropes draw easy attention to their own absurdity, often they end up so widespread throughout cinema that general audiences actually believe them to be perfectly reflective of real life.

Though in many instances this pertains to heightened aspects of action cinema that, thankfully, most of us don't encounter in our everyday lives, occasionally these tropes can prove legitimately harmful, by spreading false information or otherwise leaving audiences blind to the helpful truth.

Inspired by a terrific recent Reddit thread on the subject, these movie conventions have lodged themselves so deeply in the audience's collective consciousness over the years that they've basically rewritten reality.

And so, it's time to take a step back and consider just how full of it cinema truly is...


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