10 Ridiculous Ways Actors Were TRICKED Into Movie Roles

Fool me once, shame on you...

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The movie biz is as slippery and cutthroat as any other, maybe more so.

Working actors can have it rough. Long periods of time get spent wondering when the next project will come around, the next paycheque a mystery that may never be solved. Consequently most stars want to keep their momentum up and will take any halfway decent role they can get, but that slightly desperate mind frame often gets performers duped into taking parts they'd normally rejected.

Hollywood is the capitol of trickery. From the special effects that wow audiences to the sneakily-worded contracts to net big names, the industry has near infinite tricks up its sleeve. The deadliest trick of all? Editing. There are countless tales of stars seeing their films and falling to pieces over the butchery of their work in the editing room.

It's hard to sympathise with someone making millions of dollars off a blockbuster they then turn around and whine about. That said, it's undeniably crushing to have one's art butchered or to be locked into something you hate without escape.

Still, some of these tricks can work out for the better...

10. Suicide Squad - Jared Leto Was Convinced By The Original Vision 

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Jared Leto (and everyone who went to see Suicide Squad) were tricked by its advertising. The trailers presented his oddball Joker as a principle character, but he wound up with less than 10 minutes of screen time.

Leto made the rounds, heavily promoting the film as a must see summer event, all under the assumption most of his scenes had made it to the final cut. He gloated about his revolting behaviour on set and avoided addressing the huge amount of hate his character's look received (seriously, who gets 'Damaged' tattooed on their forehead?).

Leto was miffed with the final result and has even admitted to feeling tricked into doing the role. The first role he took after his Academy Award win for Dallas Buyers' Club, Leto has claimed the film pitched to him was nothing like the end result. Leto believed he'd signed on for a higher art kind of blockbuster in the vein of Christopher Nolan's Batman films. Unsettled by the overwhelming negative reception to the costume and aesthetic choices of the film, Leto persevered and turned out possibly the lamest work of his career.

At one point during filming, Leto was promised his own Joker movie, possibly opposite Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. The writing was on the wall once a Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix hit cinemas. Leto was never informed of these developments until their public announcement and has not played the Joker again.


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