10 Ridiculous Ways You Won't Believe Films Accomplished Shots

What's the point in being a director unless you're willing to destroy an entire ecosystem?

Moviemaking is a tough business. For a director, the process of translating a dream script from fantasy to reality can sometimes prove near on impossible - the imagination of a filmmaker is unlimited, though, not bound by reason, logic or any of the things that stop the sky from turning red or prevent our pets from becoming jazz musicians. A movie production is a physical thing, bound by budgetary constraints and the limitations of the artists on-board.

What great ideas filmmakers have in their head aren't always achievable in real life. But for some directors, 'no' isn't any kind of reasonable answer. Failure simply isn't an option for such brave souls. They'll break their back and the backs of their colleagues if they have to, or - if they're particularly daring - go to extreme, costly lengths and hope the investors don't notice.

Presented here is a list of 10 directors and the shots they achieved by just saying "screw it, we'll do it anyway."


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