10 Rip-Off Horror Movies (That Messed Up What They Copied)

Imitation isn't always the sincerest form of flattery.

Child's Play Dolly Dearest

Coming up with ideas for movies is really hard.

You have to think of all the characters, what they're going to say, what they're going to do, the clothes they're going to wear. Honestly, it sounds like an absolute nightmare. How do people actually do it?

Sometimes then, it's just easier to take a peek at an existing film and "borrow" a few ideas from there. Worried about getting accused of plagiarism and thrown in jail? Don't be! Just change a couple of details and nobody will ever notice... right?

Unfortunately, people did notice that the teams behind these ten horror movies didn't just nick a few ideas from more famous properties, they basically lifted the entire thing.

Seriously, with some of these, it would be easier to make a list of things they don't have in common with what they copied.

Furthermore, these aren't even good movies! If you're going to blatantly steal from one of the greats, at least have the decency to do a good job of it!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers? More like Invasion of the Movie Snatchers. Wait a second, that's not a bad title for a film...

10. Hobgoblins

Child's Play Dolly Dearest
American Cinema Marketing

This spot on the list was originally reserved for the film Ghoulies, which came out just one year after Joe Dante's Gremlins.

However, those movies were actually in production at the same time, and it was only down to Luca Bercovici's film running out of money that they didn't release closer together.

Let's cut Ghoulies some slack. Not this one though. Never.

Releasing a full four years after Gremlins, Hobgoblins shamelessly copies the classic's homework, only with a broken pen and in a different language. The film revolves around small, furry creatures called Hobgoblins who run riot through a small town.

Sound familiar?

To give this movie some credit, the idea behind isn't half bad. The Hobgoblins' powers grant their victims their wildest fantasies, which the aliens then use to kill them. It's just a shame that the creature design is so bafflingly bad.

There are sock puppets more believable than these goons, who are more reminiscent of cheap children's toy than a terrifying threat. They were clearly hastily thrown together in order to cash-in on the Gremlins craze, but failed miserably in the process.

It currently sit amongst the 100 worst rated films on IMDb. Justice done.


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