10 Rubbish Movies Directed By Great Actors

And yes, Tim Allen IS great...

For a lot of actors, becoming a director is a long held ambition. The reason that this transition from in-front-of-the-camera talent to behind-the-scenes wrangler became the basis of the Entourage movie is because it€™s become something of a Hollywood cliché. Sometimes, this career switch can have brilliant results. But, seemingly more often, it goes really badly. Clint Eastwood is a prime example of both camps: Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River and Gran Torino are awesome, but they sit right next to J. Edgar, Jersey Boys and Changeling in his filmography. Not all actors are lucky enough to get this many chances to prove themselves in the director's chair. Some have their one big shot, totally blow it, and retreat quietly back to acting roles. Here are the worst of the worst, then, from great actors who tried their hand as directors...

10. Beyond The Sea (By Kevin Spacey)

Kevin Spacey is a terrific actor. He astounded audiences in The Usual Suspects, won an Oscar for American Beauty, and is currently utterly owning the role of Frank Underwood in Netflix€™s House Of Cards. Behind the camera, though, he€™s seriously struggled. His first directorial feature was 1996 crime thriller Albino Alligator, which €“ despite having a strong cast including Faye Dunaway and Matt Dillon - received a critical bashing for seeming more like a student film homage to film noir than a serious drama in of itself. In 2004, Spacey got his second shot as a director and fumbled it again. Beyond The Sea, in which Spacey starred as singer-with-heat-problem Bobby Darin, was a big passion project for the Hollywood star. He even opted to play Darin in his teens, despite already being over 40 at the time. This was jarring, and Spacey€™s uninspiring singing didn€™t help either. The film flopped and was routinely roasted by the critics, and a great actor was reduced to the director of a naff picture. Spacey learned his lesson, though, and hasn€™t directed since.

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