10 Rules To Survive A Horror Movie

8. Listen To Your Nerdy Horror Friend

Friday 13th

It goes without saying that Scream's Randy will give you the best horror movie survival tips of any film already out there, and listening to your wise genre-savvy pal is a timeless rule to survival tried and tested in film history. The world is full of ridiculous horror-obsessives (present company included) who will happily lecture you on the conventions of the gruesome genre (exactly like what's happening in this list), so my smartest, most sage, truly indispensable advice is to listen to these wise oracles when they speak. You're welcome.

I mean, Randy teaches us the virtues of keeping it in your pants, as well as staying away from drink, drugs, and shouting stupid questions into the dark in the first film alone.

Then you've got types like Leslie Vernon, who even if he's a villain himself, teaches Taylor exactly how to survive his onslaught through tropes he's established throughout filming. He's an unconventional nerdy friend, sure, but he's still the horror weirdo that saves his newfound pals through virtue of them paying attention to all the wisdom he has to dispense.

Of course, if YOU are the nerdy horror friend, however, then all I can say is RIP.


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