10 Rules To Survive A Horror Movie

9. There Can Only Be One Survivor, So Make It You

Friday 13th
Falcon International Productions

If you do find yourself in the deadly horror movie, then you familiarise yourself with the idea that only one of you is going to make it out alive. That means everyone else around you is another person who could be taking your final spot, so you better get creative if you want to be the one at the finish line. Nice guys ain't gonna cut it, after all.

The final girl trope has been one established for generations of horror movies at this point, so you better bet your buns that womanly charms will be your saviour. That's not to say any other gender won't cut it, but your chances are definitely improved should you embrace your feminine side.

In any case, this is a rule of warning as much as it is an informed take on the genre: there can only be one at the end of the movie, so make best to make sure it's you with some wicked smarts and ingenious decision making on the fly. Or just good old sabotage otherwise.


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