10 Saddest Horror Movie Moments

From Hereditary to Martyrs, Horror can make you cry as much as it can make you squirm.

Wild Bunch

Horror movies are mainly known for one thing. It’s no real surprise that many horror movies are designed to well, scare you. Be it jumpscares, terrifying imagery or even something truly horrifying that you don’t even see on screen. It takes a truly special horror movie to make you laugh, and an even more special one to make you cry.

Some scary films are just horribly depressing and carry a heavy, suffocating atmosphere that makes you want to curl up into a little ball and forget the whole thing. And then there are those horror films, that scare you and make you feel something far deeper with only one moment. These flicks are regular horror shows for the most part, but then in a split second or in one scene absolutely shatter your heart into itty bitty pieces all over the floor

Whether it’s a killer ending, an instant that flips the entire film on its head or a truly evil trauma a character goes through - these horror films go beyond terror. These films make us wish for the big bad monster lurking around the corner as it’d be far easier to deal with than the emotional horrors we’re being forced to watch through our fingers.


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